This is it . . . the time and place to catch a glimpse of the truth and hunt it down . . . make it your own. It’s about breaking away from every single idea or belief that’s no longer serving you, got you in a holding pattern or keeping you from expanding your joy or sharing your gifts with the world. It’s about looking inside yourself for answers to the questions that must be asked and developing full-fledged confidence in the Universe’s goodness and constant support of whatever you want. It’s about choosing to be
guided by our intuition always and realizing we’re complete as we are . . . that everything in this Universe exists within us. Yes, it’s time to embrace that mystery—we are stardust and we are golden—and realize “enlightened” is the sexiest thing a person can be. It’s about seeing synchronicity everywhere we look. About continually expanding, emerging, growing. About defying the norm, changing the rules and waking up in the name of our own amazing consciousness. About showing the world we’re
here to live honestly, passionately and fully. Here’s to welcoming the unknown and seeing it all with glittering eyes. Here’s to screwing the status quo and creating a new day, a new generation, a new world of souls with the guts to really live. Here’s to seeing God in all things by allowing God to be God in us right now. To fearlessness. To living our own way. To waking up, kicking ass and taking names.

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Life in Love with You

Life in Love with You

Quietly, I am setting myself up for greatness, waiting on the love I deserve—the love we all deserve. And through silence, I’m transforming myself. The place where all big love begins.

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valeriecircleHow cool it is to consider the possibility that you and I MAY very well be part of the same tribe… Read on, my dear, and let me introduce myself. Perhaps Enlightenment Is Sexy is a home for both of us!
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