About Enlightenment is Sexy

So, here’s the deal:
This blog is a place where people can come to get a different view on living, have fun, connect with other cool people and realize that living from the inside out
is the only game in town!
Society doesn’t preach that gospel, but I do.

When you start living life in a more “awake” state,
things change. You eat differently, your space becomes more important to you, your spiritual practices become the backbone of your existence, and above all,
what’s true for you becomes your Bible.

Bottom line, you become different. You come into your own.
So, this space is for you—a home for fellow “seekers”
and a haven for all unique-minded souls.
Because in this house, rolling with the majority of the population
is lame, and making your own path is both enlightened AND sexy!
(As well as awesome, fun & great!)

This space is for you . . .

because you are living it, more and more each day . . .
because you know who you are . . .
and that is sexy.

And we’re all about sexy here.

About Valerie

My beautiful mother & me

My beautiful mother & me

2011, Winter. I’ve just finished my first twenty minutes of meditation. I open my eyes and realize that everything I ever knew was wrong.

In this moment, I experience a spiritual awakening, in the purest sense. My universe begins to resemble one huge Monet painting. Every tree becomes my best friend. All so completely unexpected. All so incredible.

Soon, I am working at Oprah Winfrey’s TV studio, talking with her and her staff about Transcendental Meditation (week after week, month after month) . . . suddenly finding myself in a stream of epic situations. And I begin feeling an unbelievable sense of peace and joy.

I suddenly realize the importance of these experiences and begin documenting it all. A new stream of consciousness arises and crystal clear thoughts pour forth. I have no idea where they originate. I only know their power . . . and how my world now is very different.

One day, Oprah looks towards me and says to her top executive, “I want what this girl has.” Um, yeah. Oprah. About me. Did I mention I feel awesome?

My creature Frida

My creature Frida

The positive changes in my life roll in like waves, ever since I began meditating and living my life “from the inside out.” For starters, I wrote a book (Enlightenment Is Sexy), I travel the country regularly, and I meet incredible humans – constantly. I am thankful beyond words for this amazing life I’m now leading.

There is no doubt that living from the inside out is the only way to roll.

Clearly, this is where the magic happens.

Enlightenment Is Sexy is my creation designed to offer you a living space to see the wonder in all things. All you need to bring is your deep desire to find and live your own truth . . . and a willingness to breathe more freely, have more fun, and laugh more often. Yes-in-deed-y, it’s time to claim your joy . . . NOW.

In a nutshell, Enlightenment Is Sexy is simply an extension of positive mental energy in all directions. It springs from my desire to connect with other mortals who, like me, have discovered that life is all about consciousness, freedom, finding what you love to do and doing it . . . and spreading the love!


Y’see, it’s like this. Once you “get right” inside yourself, the rest begins to fall into place. I became whole. You will too. My deep understanding could only come from me connecting to the Cosmos within. Enlightenment Is Sexy is all about helping you connect yourself to your inner Cosmos. And having a blast!

Welcome to Enlightenment Is Sexy.

Enjoy the ride.

Peace & Love,


valeriecircleHow cool it is to consider the possibility that you and I MAY very well be part of the same tribe… Read on, my dear, and let me introduce myself. Perhaps Enlightenment Is Sexy is a home for both of us!
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