Love is a cosmic force..

Relationships can be sublime.. and they can be complicated. From soaring high to
being on your knees (cue guts wrenching), all in the blink of an eye, right?
But none of us are victims.. We have a hand in everything we’re experiencing.
So, let’s talk about making our experience of love better. WAY better.

Life in Love with You

Life in Love with You

Quietly, I am setting myself up for greatness, waiting on the love I deserve—the love we all deserve. And through silence, I’m transforming myself. The place where all big love begins.

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The Man of My Dreams

The Man of My Dreams

There is a man who lives in my dreams. I’ve never actually met him. I have only passed him in a bar, heard his voice on the phone and looked in his eyes through this parallel universe we call “The Interwebs.”

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valeriecircleHow cool it is to consider the possibility that you and I MAY very well be part of the same tribe… Read on, my dear, and let me introduce myself. Perhaps Enlightenment Is Sexy is a home for both of us!
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