Power of Perception Interview


From the Power of Perception Radio Network interview I did with Scott Golden:

Valerie Gangas 2011, Winter. I’ve just finished my first twenty minutes of meditation. I open my eyes and realize that everything I ever knew was wrong.

In this moment, I experience a spiritual awakening, in the purest sense. My universe begins to resemble one huge Monet painting. Every tree becomes my best friend. All so completely unexpected. All so incredible.

Soon, I am working at Oprah Winfrey’s TV studio, talking with her and her staff about Transcendental Meditation (week after week, month after month) . . . suddenly finding myself in a stream of epic situations. And I begin feeling an unbelievable sense of peace and joy.

I suddenly realize the importance of these experiences and begin documenting it all. A new stream of consciousness arises and crystal clear thoughts pour forth. I have no idea where they originate. I only know their power . . . and how my world now is very different.

One day, Oprah looks towards me and says to her top executive, “I want what this girl has.” Um, yeah. Oprah. About me. Did I mention I feel awesome?

Valerie Gangas
Valerie Gangas
After a life-changing, 20-minute meditation, Valerie Gangas embarked on a personal journey which culminated in this blog as well as her first book, Enlightenment is Sexy. Through her writing and speaking engagements, she aims to offer some insight into the process of spiritual transformation and growth—namely, that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but that overall, it’s worth staying the path.

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