Writers’ Voices: Valerie Gangas Shows Why Enlightenment Is Sexy

This post originally appeared on Writers’ Voices, written by Monica Hadley.

After her mother’s death, Valerie Gangas was in a dark place. After her first 20 minutes practicing Transcendental Meditation, that all changed.

She had what some people call an “Awakening,” and the pieces of her life started falling into place. Enlightenment is Sexy is the story of Valerie’s journey so far, from working for the David Lynch Foudnation, meeting Oprah and eventually inspiring her to learn TM, to coming to Fairfield to write this book.

I thought to myself…. you’re not a writer, how are you going to do this? But I still woke up every morning and just had a strong urge to write so I kept doing it.  Before you know it I had a book.” ~ Valerie Gangas

Listen to the full podcast here.

Valerie Gangas
Valerie Gangas
After a life-changing, 20-minute meditation, Valerie Gangas embarked on a personal journey which culminated in this blog as well as her first book, Enlightenment is Sexy. Through her writing and speaking engagements, she aims to offer some insight into the process of spiritual transformation and growth—namely, that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but that overall, it’s worth staying the path.

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